Welcome to First Covenant Church

Who are We?

What is a Church?
A group of people who gather to worship God?
A praying community?
A place for adults and children to learn more about their faith?
A group that seeks to serve their community?

Really the answer is, "All of the above." But, most of all, the Church is people. People who have responded to God's calling, who relate to God through prayer and worship, who recognize their need to grow and seek to mature in the faith and who care about the children, youth, adults and elderly.

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We're located on the corner of Glenwood Ave. & Shields Rd. in Boardman, Ohio.  Here at First Covenant, we seek to be a part of the great People of God who have come down through the ages.  Our goal is to be a growing, learning, caring, life giving community of faith.  That community is always growing, always changing, always seeking to respond to the changing world around it with the unchanging answers of faith in the living God who meets us in Jesus Christ.  COME ~ Get to know us better!

Our Mission Statement

"To Know Christ & Grow in Him ~
To Serve Christ & Make Him Known."

This encompasses the full-scope of the Christian's life and continually calls us to living a full life in the Christ we have come to love and serve. To know Christ is more than just knowing about Him. It is to come to Him in faith, acknowledging our sin and our need of salvation by grace through faith in the sacrificial death of Christ, and entering into a personal relationship with Him.

Coming to Christ in faith also involves us in the process of growing in the Christian faith, increasing in our knowledge of Him through Word and Spirit and submitting ourselves to Him as our Lord as well as Savior. Christian growth is an ongoing maturing process in which God invites us deep into our relationship with Him. In order that this might occur, believers involve themselves in regular, vital worship; study of the Scriptures; a supportive, encouraging and caring family of faith; and regular prayer.

As our love for Christ grows, our desire to serve Him grows as well. Each Christian is gifted by the Holy Spirit to serve Him as a member of the body of Christ. We are all ministers of Jesus Christ as we allow the Spirit to work through us to carry on his work.

As Christians, we will also seek to make Christ known. We are bearers of the greatest news the world has ever known. And so, we share with fellow believers what God continues to do in our lives, bear witness to others of his love and grace, seek to be involved in evangelism, and support the work of missions, which brings the gospel beyond the borders of our community to the world.

This encompasses the full-scope of the Christian's life and continually calls us to live a full life in the Christ we have come to love and serve.

The Covenant Logo

The Covenant logo is the symbol of "The Evangelical Covenant Church" http://www.covchurch.org/to which we belong.  It shows four people reaching out, yet unified by a circle of fellowship ~ symbolic of evangelism and unity in Christ.  All these elements combine to form a cross, around which our faith is centered.